Providence Health Group

The New Face of Transformational Senior Care



Providence Health Group was founded in 2013 as a first step in a journey to transform senior care. With a leadership team who's experience spans four decades, Providence Health Group provides a full continuum of services including management, back office and consulting to those operating skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care and independent living facilities throughout the United States.

America's healthcare ecosystem is in a period of great uncertainty. In times like these, having a team that you trust is crucial to making key decisions. This is true for owners, operators, families, stakeholders and, most importantly, our elders who make their home in our care.

We invite you to take some time and check us out here on this website as well as those of our partner locations. Each site has a contact button that will give you the opportunity to communicate directly with our senior leaders. We encourage you to share your comments and ask questions. It is together, that we will continue to transform senior care for the benefit of everyone.


Our Story

Although Providence Health Group officially began in 2013, the foundation of its leaders was formed decades earlier.  Doug Cox, our Founder and CEO, had a vision to bring together a team of dedicated and talented professionals who had the unity of purpose to impact and change senior care for the positive. Together that team of leaders is building a company that is focused on continuously transforming and evolving senior health care; so that today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.